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Tara Mann—Co-Owner,Director

Tara, Al’s daughter, is an everyday face at the gym.  A gymnast and coach herself for over twenty years, Tara knows the importance of a well-organized and managed gymnastics program.  Tara also has a BS in Child Psychology from Fordham University. Tara's daughter was a member of  The Westchester Gymnastics'  Competitive Team but is now a Coach.



Troy Fleming-Co-Owner​, Coach

Troy, Al's son, has been coaching  for the past 35 years.  Troy began his training under his father at a very young age. Which lead him down the path of gymnastics, competitive diving and skiing.   Troy was the head coach for the Golden Apples (W.G competitive team's former name) 1991-1996. In 1996 Troy opened his own gymnastic school In Dutchess County. Troy has had state, regional and national champions. During Troy's time as head coach  many of  his gymnasts have also taken the collegiate road and a handful received full scholarships.  After Al's passing Troy sold his gym and  joined his sister, once again, to make sure Al's legacy remains. Troy has become a staple to the success of the gym.

Jasmin  Mann-

Al's granddaughter started her gymnastics career at age 3 moving through the program  in to the competitive level until she  began high school. Jasmin then decided to use her gymnastic background and try out for the White Plains High  cheer team.  As a freshman Jasmin made the varsity team giving her the opportunity to cheer  for the football , basketball team and  competition team.  Jasmin position on the cheer team  was a flyer.   




Vanda Zatulskaya— Head Team Coach

Vanda has twenty five years experience and is a former Ukrainian Gymnast; with a sports master of the Ukraine. Vanda coached the Ukraine National Teenage Gymnastic Team, as well as having her children part of the competition circuit. Vanda understands both spectrums of the gymnastics industry.




Al Fleming— Founder

 Al was involved and well known in the closely knit gymnastics community for over fifty years. Al started his career as a platform and spring board competitive diver which lead him down the path to gymnastics. Al recieved his early training with a local club called The American Turner. He became the National All- Around Champion in 1963 and A.A.U in 1964 and 1965. In 1972, Al became the director of Westchester Gymnastics which was founded by his former coach and two-time olympian, Vince D'Autorio.

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